Branding two new Basketball teams.

We were tasked with branding two new basketball teams set to enter the domestic professional leagues. Hailing from the city of Gloucester, the name Gloucester City Kings was chosen for the Men’s side whilst the Women’s team would play under the name Gloucester City Queens. Research into the City Of Gloucester revealed several unique factors that could be implemented into the design of a ‘royal’ brand.

The Crown was inspired by the Strawberry leaf crown that forms part of the tomb of King Edward II which lies in the iconic Gloucester Cathedral. Edward II’s tomb is one of few that lie outside of London and Edward II is the only Monarch buried in the South West of England. The lower half of the crest forms a Four-centred arch. The four-centered arch is again unique to the Cathedral as one of the first notable uses of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in England.

The crown and wordmark elements of the logo were developed as part of the branding package, allowing them to be used independently on merchandise, social media, and marketing material.

Here’s what CEO of Gloucester Sport, Jay Marriott had to say on the launch of the Gloucester teams: “It’s great to finally share with the public a brand we have worked hard to bring to life. We’re excited to be talking to a range of partners to deliver this exciting new venture.” Gloucester City AFC co-chairman and joint owner of Gloucester Sport, Alex Petheram added, “We are delighted to be able to announce our first new venture under the Gloucester Sport brand.  Having been involved with basketball in the past, it was my number one priority to see professional basketball come to the city of Gloucester.  It’s a real family-friendly sport that will hopefully build bridges within the city across all sports, ages, and people.”

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