Branding a high net worth Mortgage Brokerage based in Mayfair, London.

Boden Samuel is a specialist Mortgage Broker with their first branch due to open in Mayfair, London.

The team at Boden Samuel required a brand identity that felt established, British and conveyed a sense of quality and luxury. It was important the final brand conveyed these values and whilst Boden Samuel was a start-up it was crucial the brand conveyed a sense of heritage and trust.

The project began with naming the new venture. The choice to name the brokerage after a person came after research into luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.

The name comes from the British Chess master Samuel Boden. The relation of Kings, Queens, strategy and planning from Chess to that of high net worth Mortgages was a natural link. The final brand features a Chess piece icon which in itself capsulated the letter ‘B’ and the Queen chess piece.

Alongside the primary and secondary logos, patterns were developed to enrich the depth of the brand. These were used across stationery and other business assets.

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