Website goal setting & why you should do it

The internet is awesome, and websites are badass, but we would say that wouldn’t we.

Websites are designed to help you connect with people, to inform you, and to make you laugh, but getting to the finished product is never as simple as it may seem.

Great websites are born out of solid planning, constant reviewing and realistic goal setting. They are never created without consideration for the end user and they are certainly not as simple as installing a predesigned theme. You’re better than that aren’t you? Yes? Good, we thought so to!

Goal setting

Setting goals is key to any website. Without goals you can’t focus on the key elements and smaller less significant aspects of the website will get far too much air time and muddy the water.

Make sure you are specific when setting your goals, but be realistic. Don’t set targets that can’t be achieved, but this doesn’t mean you can’t push your limits.

Assess and understand the position of your brand and company values. Set a time frame on your targets with the aim to gain measurable quantitative data that you can measure against it. This information can influence your decisions and make sure your goals are accomplished once the site is live.

In the long term, goal setting is essential for an efficient website and will enable you to make quicker decisions on what matters in the design of your website. It allows you to make measured changes to the design to ensure that you are reaching your goals.

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