The Italian Job

Marcos A

Flying back to the capital of the renaissance, Florence, got me thinking of my first visit to the city, a design study trip 16 years ago.

29th Oct 2014
A place rich in history, great coffee, a thriving design culture and football… what’s not to love? On that first trip over I remember the group leaders telling tales of meeting Paul Gascoigne underneath the Duomo the year previous, presumably from his time with Lazio. He took the time to sign all of the groups design folios.

A decade or so on and I am making the same journey to meet a different footballer who plays in Serie A, on this occasion for Florence’s hometown team Fiorentina, Spaniard Marcos Alonso, to launch his new website (

We have known Marcos for quite a while from his days in England at Bolton Wanderers. He comes from a rich footballing stock with his father Marcos Alonso Peña, having played 124 games for Barcelona, and his grandfather Marquitos winning five European Cups with Real Madrid in the greatest club side ever. Given the multitude of cultures and language it gives it’s own barriers on producing a website that is flexible and be read by an English, Italian and Spanish audience.

But before we get into the launch and the details of the website, tonight I am off to Fiorentina versus Udinese to soak in the atmosphere and put the website and our role with Marcos into some context.

30th Oct 2014
Recovery, and some dynamic photographs from around Florence was the order of the day on Thursday.

Marcos Alonso

We travelled to Florence, Italy, to launch the new website of Marcos Alonso

There’s an old saying, well I guess it can’t be that old, that you’re only as good as your images. It is such an important aspect for any design, that the photographs you use are high quality, websites included. Just a little bit of time spent taking care over the final output can go a long way to completing the high-end outcomes.

A plate of spaghetti and an espresso later, and I am on my way with the final pieces of the jigsaw complete.

The website itself is responsive, an essential part of any design, we simply don’t do any other kind. It is built from scratch on a wordpress platform to enable easy updates to the news story output. It is also conversant with the latest google search criteria which should help the pages gain traction.

The homepage is modern but slick and feeds through these stories to keep it fresh. The sections are clearly defined at the top right of the page with Marcos’ sponsors also prominent.

“The guys at 5or6 have done a great job with the website” Marcos Alonso

“The guys at 5or6 have done a great job with the website,” said Marcos A. “I really like the new design and it is fantastic to work with the team.”

“I have worked with 5or6 since I was at Bolton and they have a great folio that includes working with some elite athletes around the world on their brand.”

We really like the new design and feel it hits the needs of any sports professional growing their online presence to a worldwide audience.

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