Shopping around

Over the past few months 5or6 have been working with companies in Loughborough to develop their brand. A part of that has been carrying the brand through to the shop front design.

‘We are pleased with the outcomes of the design work. It is great to work alongside businesses based in Loughborough to help them build their established brands.’ Said Managing Director Ryan McNamara.

We have worked with companies such as the t-shirt factory, Tylers department store and Perrett & Co to develop their overall branding and sign work.

The t-shirt factory design has a modern feel to it with classic typefaces and bold colours in order for it to stand-out. Working with Tylers department store we looked through their history to develop a classic but modern brand that can be conversant with a wide-range of items that they sell. Perrett & Co. are a financial advisor and so the design choices were more formal with their new brand.

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