Quality Life UK website and brand launched

We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of the all new Quality Life UK brand and website.

Quality Life UK (QLUK) are a leading provider of home care services nationwide, providing live-in, night, respite and rehabilitation care for individuals who wish to be cared for in their own home rather than move into a care home.

5or6 have been far more than just a web design and branding agency to us. They have helped us to shape the very foundations of our business

“It has been a real privilege working with Anthony and Amelia at Quality Life UK” stated 5or6 Managing Director Peter Simmons. “We were blown away by their enthusiasm and passion for the work they do, and their dedication to help people get through difficult periods of their lives. We used that as inspiration for the new brand and website.”

“We took our time to understand QLUK as a business, the sector as a whole and what matters to the people involved in the project. We then began working on their new brand that reflected the whole picture and allowed us to make research led decisions throughout the length of the project”, finished Peter.

“5or6 have been far more than just a web design and branding agency to us. They have helped us to shape the very foundations of our business” commented QLUK Managing Director Anthony Benskin.

QLUK responsive website image

The new QLUK website is fully responsive, and works great on different devices and browsers.

“Before we met with Ryan, Pete and the team we had a business idea and knew the type of service that we wanted to provide. What 5or6 did however, was encourage us to search deep within ourselves and identify the underlying personal motivations for creating the company. We discovered that we wanted to be more than a Care Agency; we wanted to be a genuine source of support and compassion for our clients and their families. We are a family business and now carry the strap line “A family to support your family”. We think this is a powerful statement which perfectly encapsulates the very essence of our business.

“5or6 were able to use their creative skills and flare to develop a brand, a logo and a website which is based around this core value.”

“We are delighted with the outcome and are looking forward to enjoying a long relationship with 5or6 as our business grows and develops” concluded Anthony.

The new brand has a clean pastel based colour scheme, flexible logo mark and distinctive font families which work together to provide a cohesive brand experience. The website builds upon the brand elements and brings them together in a simple easy to navigate experience, focusing on QLUK’s services and contact details.

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