Cake is a free bimonthly meet up for creatives, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who fancies a good chin wag and evening of good beer, pizza and inspirational talks in Loughborough.

The aim of the event is to build on the already thriving design and entrepreneurial communities in Loughborough by bringing everyone together to make new contacts, learn a few things and share ideas.

The last 6 months have been great fun, we have run 3 free events with 50+ people at each event and hosting 107 different people in total. We have had people travel from Leicester, Nottingham and London to attend, and have raised £500’s worth of sponsorship money for each event to pay for food & drink for everyone in attendance plus speaker travel expenses & venue hire. And so far we have had 7 expert presenters and speakers who’s experience includes regularly working with the likes of the BBC, Nike, Coke & Compare the Market.

For more information on the event please check out the website, or follow us on Twitter at @cakemeetup for quick fire news. However if you do have any questions, would like to speak at an event or have an idea for a short talk that you would like to discuss, be sure to drop me an email at [email protected].