If it’s not responsive, it’s not web design

If it’s not responsive, it’s not web design

“Anything that’s fixed and unresponsive isn’t web design, it’s something else. If you don’t embrace the inherent fluidity of the web, you’re not a web designer, you’re something else.” This is a great quote from Andy Clarke, and something we agree with wholeheartedly here at 5or6.

We craft every website we design to be responsive, and here’s why…

Responding to change

The internet is pretty crazy, and things change quickly. For a long time the furore around accessing websites had settled down, and then smart phones came along and changed all that!

Accessing information is the basic premise of websites. Long gone are the days of finding out information through storage in hard copy libraries, documents submitted to research communities, telephone directories, or on centralised national databases. The rules though are the same, it’s about having an accessible platform to share your information.

Responsive web design isn’t just about mobiles or desktops for that matter anymore. We live in an age where websites are accessible through almost anything with a screen and the emergence of 4K televisions, smart watches and game console web browsers have certainly thrown a few spanners in the works.

We argue that the same principles of good web design still apply regardless. Good websites work. It’s pretty simple really, if a website can’t be can’t be accessed on Internet Explorer, or the user doesn’t get a good experience on a mobile phone the website is not doing it’s job. And we quite like doing our job properly.

This is why we don’t believe in “responsive” being an optional extra, because responsive web design is web design. Creating a website that only works on desktops yet is inaccessible to everyone using an iPhone or a Playstation 3 on a 4K television is not web design, it’s something else.

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