Finding a voice through blogging


Following up on my last article about personal development, I’ve pulled together a collection of blogging anecdotes and social-media tools that I felt would be useful to share…

Deciphering the good from the bad
Be cautious on reading blogs and taking them as gospel. Look at who the author is and what they are basing their conclusions on. How big is the study, what it includes and what doesn’t it?

Popular posts
I use Nuzzel to help filter what I read and to put interesting articles in front of my face! Basically it emails you a list of articles that your friends are retweeting. As I follow people that are in areas of interest it helps me filter interesting articles that I want to read.

Collating your articles
A useful app called Instapaper allows you to collate articles that you want to read at a later point. It cuts out all clutter and just produces an easy to use list of articles which you can categorise. It links up to the web stories/blogs you access and gives you an easy method to save these for another time.

Finding similar articles
Medium is a blogging platform that is fairly easy to use and helps promotes your blogs. I think the best feature with this site is that it helps to categorise blogs under subject headings and so finding related useful articles is easy. It also allows you to comment on set sections of a blog which works really well in readers giving their feedback on your thoughts.

Linking to previous work
Our articles always include links to other things we have written or read lately that we think has value. Sharing knowledge is part of developing and becoming better at what you do. We find it helps to inform our decision-making as well as our SEO.

Spreading the word on your own articles
One thing we have been doing at 5or6 is to publish our blog articles on LinkedIn rather than just posting a link to the article. According to our LinkedIn guy publishing articles receive much more views than just posting articles so that’s a useful tip to spread the word, especially to key contacts and clients.

Where to post
We tend to post our articles on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest to cover our users preferred media tool. On Twitter we have set-up a card that automatically picks up our blog as an article and drags through our featured image alongside our post.

Article topics