Edward Hands & Lewis website performance review

2 months on from launching the new Edward Hands & Lewis website we thought we would take a step back and take a look how we approached the new website and how it is performing.

Before starting the design, it was important to establish what the new Edward Hands & Lewis site had to do. At the start of every web design or branding project we make sure we set goals for the project. Setting goals for a website gives everyone a clear sense of how the website sits within the company structure, what it is used for and where to put the focus.

Establishing aims & objectives for the website

At the kick off meeting with the Edward Hands & Lewis team we established that the site had to demonstrate their brand values, history and where they were going as a company.

The company has a great name with in Leicestershire as Loughborough’s oldest solicitors, but with the company expanding every location had to be represented and given their own place to call home.

The site also had lead to more views and ultimately more people contacting them after visiting the website, along with an increased readership of their legal articles.

So what did we do?

  1. Develop a responsive & user friendly website – The current Edward Hands & Lewis website wasn’t responsive, and with a large increase in users over the last few years visiting on mobile devices it was imperative the site was usable on all platforms and devices.
  2. Build for speed – Over the years the old site had grown considerably yet with no focus on the end goal. Once we has established the aims for the new website we sat down with the team at Edward Hands & Lewis to slim the new site down, and concentrate the content to make the overall experience of using the site more enjoyable and an easier user journey. We also ensured that the new site was faster to load over all networks, browsers and devices.
  3. Simplify the user interface – After careful consideration and an increased emphasis on user and company goals we made a collective decision to drastically simplify the user navigation and cut the top level navigation down from 10 tabs to 4. The new navigation structure gave clarity and focus to the site and made sure that the new website would have clear user routes to access information.
  4. Put more emphasis on readable text – The legal articles area on the website shows of a big part of the companies commitment to being a source of helpful information within their sector. Because of this, it was placed highly within the websites aims and objectives. We ensured that the articles were easy to read and removed unnecessary clutter to make the reading experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.
  5. Round the edges -Edward Hands & Lewis are fast becoming a nationally recognised high street solicitors with new branches and acquisitions broadening their service base and reach. Yet with this in mind the company didn’t want to lose their local appeal, with many of their acquisitions having long histories, strong client bases and large amounts of trust within their local communities built up over years of good work. To continue this trust we ensured that all the lawyers from all the branches across the country were represented on the site so people could see who they were dealing with.

The end result

The results so far have been very promising. The page views are up nearly 50% with the goal conversion rate up close to 20% and climbing every month. Over the next few months as the website matures and grows we will be making sure it continues to hit its requirements.

Since Launch – Monthly Average Year before launch – Monthly Average
Website Visits 9,334 5,962
Page Views 22,387 16,303
Goal Completions 29 25
Total Value of the Goal Completions £1,460 £1,216

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