Shared understanding

We work to develop a strong shared understanding of you and your business.

Our approach

To give an external perspective to the opportunities and risks, we immerse ourselves in projects to help us make confident strategic design decisions. We endeavour to identify the best way to use available resource to produce the best possible outcome. Often our research maybe a prelude to larger projects and could include interviews, site visits, brand assessment, and analysis of the current state of play.

If you would like some more information on this, we have written an article on our work/design process that may come in handy.

Pete with WAC CEO John Godina.

Pete with ALTIS CEO John Godina in Phoenix, AZ.


We develop branding solutions based on shared user goals including website design and development, branding, videography and digital marketing. We are constantly researching current trends and technologies to keep us at the forefront of design thinking. Our website design and development, for example, apply the latest web standards and technologies to ensure the best product from content management systems and Search Engine Optimisation to responsive website design and standards compliant XHTML/HTML5/CSS/CSS3.


No project is the same, our clients benefit from our broad experience in design and constant trend research. We offer a trusted yet flexible process best suited to collaborative working.

  • Dr Peter Simmons - 5or6 Design & Managing Director

    Dr Peter Simmons

    Managing Director

    Designer and problem-solver. Holds a doctorate in the philosophy of design and co-founder of 5or6. Avid tea-drinker, part-time coach and full-time Bolton Wanderers fan (glory supporter!)

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  • Ryan McNamara - 5or6 Design & Creative Director

    Ryan McNamara

    Creative Director

    A designer's mind combined with a talent for front end development Ryan is tasked with leading our web based projects from the research phase through to completion, hands on the whole way.

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  • Karolis Gritėnas - 5or6 Design & Developer

    Karolis Gritėnas


    An exceptionally talented developer with national recognition in his native Lithuania, Karolis works with Creative Director Ryan to develop client focused websites, apps and software.

  • Karolis Gritėnas - 5or6 Design & Developer

    Kieran Bird


    An outdoor loving design superhero, Kieran works closely with Directors Pete and Ryan on a range of digital projects.

  • James Poole - 5or6 Design & Videographer

    James Poole


    Experienced videographer having been a key part of Athleticos. James is an enthusiastic director, editor & film-maker.

  • Duncan Mathieson - 5or6 Design & Non-Exec Director

    Duncan Mathieson

    Non-Exec Director

    Bringing years of commercial real estate and business knowledge to the team, Duncan is a key asset in the growth of the business.

What we have been reading

We take our research very seriously so every now & then we like to share our favourite articles from around the web. If you would like to know more check out our Reading archive.