5or6 announce branding deal with World Athletics Center

5or6 have announced a four-year project joining forces with the World Athletics Center in Phoenix, USA. The Center is a project led by former Shot-Put World Champion John Godina alongside some of the biggest names in athletics in the world.

‘5or6 provides a complete brand development platform that while robust in its breadth is even more impressive in its responsiveness. Rapid adaptations and content development by 5or6 have kept The World Athletics Center in an advantageous market position.’

The World Athletics Center was developed to make the best possible environment for Olympic athletes to continue their development and achieve their goals. It already boasts world class coaches such as Dan Pfaff who has tutored 49 Olympians, including Gold medallists Donovan Bailey, Greg Rutherford and Jonnie Peacock. 2013 will also see the recruitment of a world-class sprints and hurdles coach joining the team. The facility already boasts being a base for British athletes Greg Rutherford, Steve Lewis and Holly Bleasdale and Olympic gold medalists such as Steve Hooker (Australia) and Donald Thomas (Bahamas).

‘It’s a fantastic project to be involved in, we have been working closely for a while on the branding. The center will be an incredible facility with the best coaches and athletes across the globe. We have been working in sport since we were founded and it’s great to be at the forefront of a major project such as this.’ Said Managing Director Peter Simmons.

‘The World Athletics Center has chosen to grow its international brand with the assistance of 5or6 Design/Marketing.’ Said John Godina, founder of the World Athletics Center.

The Center currently has a base in Phoenix and will open the doors to a brand new facility with the next few years leading up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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